Mataniko Dental Centre relocated to NRH


THE Mataniko dental centre has relocated to the eastern end of the National Referral Hospital, at the former isolation wards.

This was confirmed by Minister for Health and Medical Services Dr Culwick Togamana.

“The dental centre at Mataniko close to the clinic as well as the Police Post the area is closed now. We have shifted the Dental Service close to the Triage on the East end of NRH and where we used to have those Isolation wards that were meant for covid-19.

“We have now that dedicated for dental, so at least we have two Dentists in a room to provide vital Dental services to the public,” Togamana said.

He says now they have about 20 dentists operating at NRH which has eased the queue of service required which was experienced at the China Town Mataniko former Dental centre.

Togamana adds in terms of the Medical and Dental Act, it is being reviewed.

He said the government has also reviewed the Health Service Act, with the Disability Inclusive Act having gone through drafting and the Mental Health Act pending cabinet’s decision.

“So there are serious of Acts being reviewed hopefully we should table these in Parliament next year including the Medical and Dental Act,” Togamana said.

He said these sentiments in parliament.

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