Man faces court for lying to people

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THE man alleged to have taken people’s money to travel to Australia for seasonal worker will appear again in court today.

The accused Robert Ngengele from Isabel province is facing one count of obtaining money from people by false pretence will be in court today for prosecution to consider the reconciliation made between the defendant and the victim to this case.

Police alleged that on July 20, 2018 the complainant and his wife went up to the accused’s home at Lengakiki to enquire about the seasonal worker’s program.

Police alleged that the defendant was known as one of the recruiting agents in Australia.

Upon their arrival at the accused’s home, they spoke with the accused which he agreed to assist them, but on conditions that they have to fulfil.

Police said that the couple was told that they have to pay the company’s registration fee of SBD$3,000, the passport at the cost of $SBD1,000, Australian Visa at SBD$1085 and airfare of SBD$3,000 in which a total of $SBD8085 for all the documents.

The victim then trusted and believed the accused and so the victim promised to assist his wife in paying her fare and other travel documents, after their discussion the accused agreed and thus the victim gave him $4085 as payment of the requirements needed.

Upon handing the money, the accused assured the victim that his wife’s flight for Australia was confirmed at the end of July 2018. Again the victim believed the defendant so they waited for travel date as promised.

At the end of July, there was no travel arrangement made for the victim’s wife, so he went to see the defendant, to explain why his wife didn’t travel on the date as promised, the accused then told him that the arrangements for the travel was postponed for the second week of August 2018.

But after all those times the accused gave lame excuses to the couple whenever they asked for about the travel dates and due to those excuses made the couple asked for refund to their money.

The defendant then gave SBD$1085 and then promised to give the remaining SBD$3,000 later. However the refund was not forthcoming and the couple reported the matter to the police.

The accused was arrested and during interview with police he made admissions of committing the offence.

He then was bailed to appear before the court.

The police prosecution service prosecutes the case in court.