I can’t interfere on West Papua issue: PM Hou


THE Prime Minister Rick Hou has clarified his stand on the West Papua issue that he cannot interfere with other countries issues.

Responding to questions asked during the his press conference recently he said that the Solomon Islands Government do not have a policy on West Papua and other countries like Australia who has Aborigines New Zealand they have Maoris and so forth.

There is lot of confusion here because when you talk about West Papua who you are referring to, because West Papua only comprises of less 800,000 people, PM Hou said.

“The Melanesian in Indonesia comprise of 13 million people so When people talk about West Papua who are you actually referring to if we are talk about Melanesians then we should talking differently and not talking about West Papua is just one province, there is five region and Melanesian comprise five regions in Indonesia,” PM Hou said.

He said for example like Micronesian and Polynesian in Solomon Islands they are called Solomon Islanders and thus he said he cannot interfere in other countries problems.

Therefore he said that he see everybody the same and not differently, PM Hou said.

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