Man denies armed robbery on couple


A man has pleaded not guilty to charges of armed robbery.

Samson Damisulia is being accused of taking part in the armed robbery incident on a couple at Panatina Ridge on September 7 this year.

The couple are Solomon Islands citizens of Korean origins, husband aged 62 and wife, 59.

Due to Damisulia’s plea, prosecution sought an adjournment from the court to allow it time to sort out documents for the pre-trial conference, which is set to follow.

Court granted the application setting January 11 as the date prosecution and defence return to court to carry out the oral pre-trial conference on the case.

Allegations say on September 7, 2023 the couple were sleeping in their home at Panatina Ridge, east of Honiara. Between 2 and 3am the first complainant was awoken following popped up message via his mobile phone from his son from Korea. Whilst reading the message he heard noises coming from their living room, he thought it was his wife. They were sleeping in separate rooms.

His bedroom door was open, and through it he saw two unknown men walking around in their living room.

He approached the two intruders and was struck with an object rendering him unconscious.

The wife heard the noises and came out. She too was attacked, receiving wounds to the right side of her head.

They called for help but neighbours were reportedly too scared to come and help.

The two men fled the scene with three mobile phones and $1200 cash.

The wife assisted her husband inside their car to the National Referral Hospital. The matter was reported to the police later that morning.

The defendant had reportedly escaped to his home province Malaita after the incident but was arrested on September 15 and escorted back to Honiara on September 17.

DPP appears for the Crown and PSO appears for Defendant.

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