Auki police door-knocking on kwaso producers


AUKI police yesterday made another kwaso raid as they continue to knock on the doors of suspected kwaso producers in and around Auki town.

The raid was carried out at a community behind Aligegeo provincial school in Auki and kwaso products worth around $3,000 were confiscated.

PPC Malaita, superintendent Lesley Kili said yesterday that the raid was conducted following a tip-off from a shopkeeper in Auki, from whom the kwaso producer, a woman, had recently bought kwaso ingredients.

He said after receiving the report, police went and raided the woman’s home behind Aligegeo school.

Kili said as police reached the woman’s home, she escaped with the cooking apparatus but left behind kwaso products and mixed home-brew for processing.        

Kili said that although the woman has evaded arrest, she is known to the police and they will follow-up on her.

“I must warn those who involve in kwaso production in and around Auki town that we will get to them will do what we did in our previous raids,” Kili said.

The PPC also called on the public of Auki to assist the police on illegal kwaso production and other crime related activities in and around Auki.

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