Man charged for domestic violence appears in court


Man arrested for domestic violence appears in court yesterday for mention.

Defendant Ishmael Renton was charged with three counts of Domestic Violence-Psychological Abuse and Economical abuse.

Police prosecution told the court, the case was a fresh matter and defendant presents in court however, he is still without a lawyer to represent him in the court.

Court extended the police bail for the defendant and asks the defendant to seek a lawyer at Public Solicitor Office to represent his matter in court.

Court adjourned to October 17, 2023 at 9 am for mention. Meanwhile prosecution to prepare the disclosures and defendant to confirm to court his lawyer on the next case hearing.

Police alleged on unknown date between the 1st and 31 of August 2022 at Mud Land, Zion Renton did psychologically abused the complainant by doing a conduct that humiliated and insulted the complainant.

Again on unknown date between 1 and 31 of July, 2023 at Mud Land, Zion defendant Renton psychologically abused same complainant by doing a conduct that humiliated him and insulted him whilst holding onto a 24inch bush knife and a steel rod and strike the copper used as fence of their compound.

Later on August 12, 2023 at same location Mud Lack, Zion defendant did economically abused Complainant by damaging his properties that include kitchen, copper, tank and wall of their dwelling house.

Police Prosecution Department appears for the Crown.

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