Magistrate hears case of man accused of stealing a mobile phone


MAGISTRATE Emily Z Vagibule Pakoa hears the case involving Jeremy Konofilia a co-accused who charged for wrongful taking someone’s property yesterday at the Central Magistrate court.

The hearing was for the defendant to take his plead however, defendant Konofilia was not present in court thus, his lawyer seeks the court for his client to be excused during the hearing yesterday as his client was a sick patient.

Defence counsel besides told the court that, prosecutions are yet to provide relevant documents between the parties. Court than instructed the police prosecution present yesterday to provide the disclosures to the defence counsel. Thus, disclosures has been served to the defence counsel yesterday in court.

Court summons the defendant to be appeared in court on his next court hearing.

Court adjourned to October 17, 2023 at 9 am for mention.

Police alleged on December 3, 2022 at around 7am complainant and her friend was sitting inside defendant Jeremy’s lodge at White River.

While the complainant and her friend were still at Jeremy’s lodge, he asks the complainant to use her mobile phone, she agrees and gave him her phone.

Later that same day complainant aunty went and asks for the mobile phone. She was informed by the complainant friend who used the said mobile that, the mobile phone was taken by Jeremy the defendant while he was sleeping inside his lodge.

Complainant went and made her complain official at White River Police Station. Police investigated the matter and arrest the defendant on the 9th of December 2022.

On the next day police interviewed defendant Jeremy, he admitted that he took the mobile phone from the complainant friend while he was sleeping inside his lodge and sold it.

The said phone is a Samsung A03 model cost $ 1,500-00.

Police Prosecution appears for the Crown and PSO appears for the defence.

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