Man arrested for common assault


Defendant Trevor Molea appeared in court before Principal Magistrate Elma Veenah Rizzu Hilly for his Pre Trial-Conference.

Defendant was charged with one count of common assault contrary to section 244 of the Penal Code.

On the previous court hearing, Molea told the court he will represent himself however, PM Hilly told the defendant Molea that he will not familiar with the documents or understand how to prepared the document ones he wants to represent himself. Hence, he needs a lawyer from the Public Solicitor Office to represent him.

Prosecution seeks the court for 14 days adjournment because they are yet to complete the PTC disclosures and served it to the PSO office.

Court adjourned to October 9, 2023 at 9 am for prosecution to prepared the PTC Disclosures and served it to the PSO office, and PSO to confirm to the court defendant legal representative.

Bail is extended for the defendant.

Police alleged on July 27, 2023, victim returned westerly direction from Henderson Domestic area and he parked his vehicle in front of a market betel nut at Burns Creek, Solo gas area to chew some betel nuts.

Whilst he was chewing betel nut, his elder brother the defendant saw him and approached him then threatens him with threaten words. When victim replied the defendant, Molea gets angry he walked over to the victim and with force, he slapped the victim right cheeks which landed on his right chin.

Matter was later reported to the Naha Police on the same date July 27, 2023 and investigation into matter was carried out. Police later arrested the defendant on 4 August 2023. Police Prosecution appears for the Crown

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