Malu’u wharf nears completion



CONSTRUCTION on a wharf project for the Malu’u provincial sub-centre is nearing completion.

The project is funded by the National government through the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) and its completion is expected to boost economic activities in the northern region of Malaita province.

Recently, this paper visited the project and witnessed that the wharf structure is already complete with only a few remaining works to be done.

In a recent statement on the wharf project and other proposed projects for Malu’u sub-centre, MP for North Malaita, Senley Filualea called on resource owners for cooperation to accomplish the projects.

He said one of the projects for Malu’u is the wharf which will soon be completed.

Filualea said another project is the Malu’u fisheries project, co-supported by the national government and donor partners. The project is already completed.

He further stressed that CEMA will soon reopen at Malu’u as it only awaits minor works to be carried-out before beginning its operation.

He said another project is the construction of the new Malu’u market facility to be funded by the Australian government.

Filualea said this series of projects has portrayed the government’s commitment and support to its people in north Malaita and the northern region of the province.

He said services provided by these projects when completed will have huge benefit on people and will contribute to enhancing economic activities in the province.

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