Malaria deaths


UNDERSECRETARY for Ministry of Health and Medical Services Dr Nemia Bainivalu confirmed malaria deaths following the current increase of Malaria in Honiara and some parts of the country.

Bainivalu echoed this yesterday in a press conference.

“According to analysis and records that we have at NRH and some clinics unfortunately we have seen some deaths from Malaria and also other diseases. Very unfortunate,” he said.

Bainivalu said divisions responsible in the health ministry are currently monitoring the number of diseases (malaria, influenza and dengue) because of the increase.

He said in terms of the monitoring the Ministry will be using four key aspects in addressing these diseases the first one is on prevention, second one is early detection, and effective treatment is the third one and the fourth is the vector control.

Bainivalu adds at this time the type of Malaria that is currently spread rapidly is   plasmodium vivax in terms of its biology this parasite is the most frequent and widely distributed cause of recurring malaria.

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