Malaria and dengue cases increasing  


The national figures of Malaria and Dengue cases are increasing, it is reported.

Chief Executive Officer for National Referral Hospital Dr George Malefoasi said, “I can confirm to you that is Malaria case increasing in Honiara and some part of the country.

“According to the National figure Malaria and dengue fever is at the hospital National Referral Hospital. 

“For now, we still have a lot of severe Malaria cases coming.

“A lot severe cases of Malaria are presenting at the National Referral Hospital at the moment.”

He said the sad thing is that the PF (Plasmodium falciparum – a unicellular protozoan parasite of humans, and the deadliest species of Plasmodium that causes malaria in humans) is increasing and is one challenge the Ministry is facing.

Malefoasi said Malaria is seen increasing in Honiara, Guadalcanal and Malaita.

“These areas are identified as high-risk spots.”

He said there are multifactorial answers to this increase, some of these factors are environment, the primary health care setting and as well as funding getting, people over spraying and not forgetting people’s attitude so relaxing and bed nets are not used wisely.

Malefoasi on the same note reminded people on some common public health measures.

“I hereby reminding the general public to sleep under bed nets, get your house sprayed, get your medication if presenting with malaria and dengue,” he said.

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