Malaita’s share

Minister clarifies funds for the province


MINISTER of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, Rollen Seleso has denied “misconceptions” that Malaita has missed out national government funding.

He clarified this after Opposition Leader Mathew Wale told the Malaita Second Appointed Day in Auki recently that the province has missed out on Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF).

Speaking in the sine die motion in Parliament yesterday, Minister Seleso said in reality, when considering PCDF and provincial grants, Malaita province is the highest recipient of government support, and the provincial government is performing well in utilising the PCDF.

He said it would be the same case if the upcoming Revenue Sharing Bill is legislated.

The Government signed a Financing Agreement with European Union on August 31, 2020 on the “Provincial Government Service Delivery” programme that operates under the auspices of the Provincial Government Sector Programme through United Nations Development Funds and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Minister Seleso said with a support of $78 million will continue with the works of the PGSP in strengthening Good Governance and Financial Reforms whilst at the same time engages in infrastructure development in the Education and Health sectors for the next three years starting 2021.

Moreover, the PCDF is the flagship programme of the Provincial Government Strengthening Programme which started 12 years ago.

Seleso said as of 2008, with the support of an average of $30 million per annum from the National Government, the programme has delivered more than 1,300 infrastructure projects.

He said it also created more than 8,000 jobs in these projects, and has spent more than $300 million during the period.

More than 50 percent of the infrastructure projects are invested in Health, Education and the Administration sectors.

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