Malaita yet to meet over fate of its PS


MALAITA Province Executive is still to meet to decide on the fate of Provincial Secretary Fredrick Fa’abasua, who was recalled by Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening to Honiara.

Premier Daniel Suidani explained this after protesters in Auki demanded an answer within 24 hours for his government to allow Fa’abasua to continue working in the province or they will not allow any replacement.

Suidani said due to the good work of Fa’abasua and the demand from the people, the executive will need to meet and decide on his fate.

He said MARA government represents the people, therefore it will honour the call of the people.

The administrative arm of the Provincial Governments is headed by a Provincial Secretary, who is answerable to the assembly through its executive in the same way Permanent Secretaries in the national administration are accountable to their ministers.

Provincial staff composed of staff posted by the MPGIS, staff employed by National line Ministries and working in the provinces, and staff directly employed by the provinces.

All staff are supervised by the Provincial Secretaries, and accountable to the provincial executives and premiers.

MPGIS Permanent Secretary, Stanley Pirione said it is a normal thing to recall provincial secretaries back to the headquarters because they work under the ministry.

He said PS Fa’abasua was recalled due to pressing issues facing Malaita province so they can restrategise ways to provide service deliveries.

However, Pirione said due to the issue that came out lately, the Public Service Commission and the ministry will consult with Malaita province to sort out the issue.

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