Malaita tribe to conduct land recording exercise

Paramount Chief Sade Gwailili with the confirmation letter
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BALEOIASI Tribe One Discovery in Malaita is proposing to conduct a land recording exercise in Honiara this year.

Paramount Chief Sade Belo Gwalili said the exercise is important for all those that claimed the land area from Kafo Welu to Makweru, Kwairade and to Urasi Harbour Falitafolo.

He calls on the 35 tribal chiefs for these areas to listen out for update as to when the land recording will be held.

Under the Customary Land Record Part III, it states that any customary land holding group or any person, who claims an interest in any customary land may apply to Land Record Office in the province for the recording of such primary rights and the demarcation of the extend of the boundaries of such customary land.

Every application made under this shall be made in the prescribed from to the recording officer

Gwalili said Baleoiasi tribe already received confirmation from the National Recording on February this year to proceed with the land recording.

In a letter dated on Feb 18 it confirms the Baleoiasi tribes has shown expression of interest to record their customary land subjected to compliance with the Tender Requirements yet to be publicised and availability of funding under Ministry Development Budget for 2021.

Chief Sade said the main intention is to identify the rightful owner for the area.

“As paramount chief, it is my responsibility to settle different claims over this land to avoiding land disputes.

“Through land recording we will set the record straight so it is important for those who claim ownership of the land to attend the land recording,” he said.

Thirty-five tribal chiefs are expecting to attend the land recording.

The chiefs who are expected to attend the land recording are chiefs from Baleoiasi Tribe One discovery, Funa Fou Islands, Ofatabu, Rakao, Foteasi, Maneoba and Manuáu land discovery land.