Malaita thanks Mercy medical service to Auki

Members of US Medical team in Auki chatting with a local health staff at Kilu'ufi hospital.
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Malaita Health have thanked the US medical team of the US Navy Mercy hospital ship.

The team today concludes their four-day trip to Auki, during which they provided medical services to public of Malaita.

Director of Malaita Provincial Health Authority, Dr Rex Maukera in an interview yesterday said, “The team is in the province after their arrivals on Tuesday and Wednesday this week to provide some medical services to people within sites they will be visiting.

“The sites are Dala and Fauambu health centres in West Kwara’ae and Kilu’ufi hospital in Auki.”

Maukera said their medical services to Malaita include:

  • Kilu’ufi hospital – surgery, skin disease treatment, biomedical and pharmacy services and a two days training on infection control and helping babies survive course for staffs
  • Dala –midwife services
  • Fauambu – midwife and similar training on infection control and helping babies survive course for staffs

He said a lot of people have turned up since Tuesday. Sadly, some were turned away since their needs were not included in the medical services offered.

A biomedical officer from the US Medical team in Auki reparing a machine in the dental clinic at Kilu’ufi hospital yesterday.

Maukera said some especially for surgery also returned due to other underlying medical conditions that were complicated to undergo surgery.

According to Maukera since Tuesday, lots of activities were done by the team where people got treated, machines within the hospital were fixed and many others.

The team returns to Honiara today.