Malaita second appointed day holiday confusion



CONCERNED members of Auki public have raised concern over the two days that were set aside as public holidays to commemorate the Malaita province 2nd Appointed Day this year.

On Monday this week schools, businesses and offices closed doors to mark a public holiday for the province’s day.

On Wednesday this was again repeated for the same event. And, many people are confused why two days are being laid down as holidays, and why one does not fall on August 13, the province’s day.

A Mr Henry Tuhu said on Wednesday people in Auki were confused on the exact day to mark the provincial holiday to honour this official day.

“So we have two days of provincial holiday this year. One on Monday where services and everyone laid down activity and yesterday it happened again.”

Tuhu said there is no honour in respect of the second appointed day as people didn’t know who is celebrating and honouring the right day for the second appointed day.

He also uttered that pause of services experienced in Auki for these two days was also a source of frustration for many.

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