HCC law enforcement will not back down: Madeo

By Mike Puia

HEAD of the Honiara City Council (HCC) Law Enforcement Division, Robert Madeo, maintains that they will not back down in the execution of their duties within Honiara boundary.

The Division, which enforced HCC ordinances, has continued to face issues ranging from criticisms, political bullying to threats.

Madeo admitted that his Division is facing many challenges but that will not stop them from doing their work.

He was responding to criticisms laid against his officers.

There were people who claimed that some HCC’s law enforcers have compromised HCC by-laws by not being disciplined.

An example provided to explain how HCC’s by-laws compromised HCC by-laws is how law enforcers deal with betel nut street vendors.

Informants claimed some law enforcers appear to be lenient on other vendors while tough on others by going as far as confiscating their markets and arresting them.

Madeo said they have been criticised over this issue many times but no one has come forward with ‘black and white’ prove to back his or her claim.

He said they take criticism as normal and the only time they impose disciplinary actions of officers who compromising HCC laws once proven documents are provided.

Madeo said enforcing the city laws will always anger those who violated these laws and are dealt with.

He said they will not be intimidated by criticisms in their effort to ensure city laws are upheld.

He also admitted that politics has a part in his Division’s capability to deliver its work.

“Yes, we have issues with resources which affected the way we carry out our work. That’s a matter for the HCC executive to help sort out,” Madeo said.

He added they have plans that would help their Division effectively do its work but these plans depend on the will of their executive.

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