Malaita province urged not to sell Auki plaza

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MALAITA People’s Power Association has called on the Malaita Provincial Government to refrain from selling Auki Plaza.

The call came following the agreement made with SINPF to purchase the building.

A member of the association said currently Auki Plaze is the only infrastructure asset the province has in Auki apart from the market and the wharf.

The person said the provincial government will be without an asset once they sell the plaza.

“What we want is if the provincial government could look for funds and renovate the building so that it can provide services for the people.

“With that it will also help to generate revenue for the administration of the province.

“Because it seems the provincial government has no land and other things that can stimulate activity for the benefit of the province.

“So when the building belongs to Malaita Provincial government, it belongs to the people and people will proud of it,” the person said.

The person said if somebody else buys the building, the province will lose their services to people as what is expected from their government.

The person said the appeal now is for the province to reconsider their decision to sell Auki Plaza.

The person said for the province to have its own asset is very important as it will generate extra revenue from national government funds to administer areas of need under the province.