Buy land with caution


PARAMOUNT Chief of Gaubata, North Guadalcanal, Chief John Richard Saketala has called on people who want to purchase land to be cautious when dealing with people who call themselves landowners.

He said people must be very careful and need to find out if that individual who claims to be a landowner has valid proof on the ownership of the land.

“What I mean is they must show the land title of the land they want to sell. These are things people who are thinking of buying a plot of land need to carefully consider.

“This is because registered lands have parcel numbers. Customary land on the other hand is not owned by a person but a whole lot of other family members. This is my advice for those who want to purchase land in North Guadalcanal,” said Chief Saketala.

Chief Saketala says land titles are very important because nowadays land titles clarify land ownership and is proof that someone is the rightful owner of the land they claim or are living on.

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