Malaita Province to review staff instructions

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    THE Human Resource Manager’s Office within the Malaita provincial administration is working towards reviewing its staff instructions.

    This is one of the activities under the roadmap drawn by the HR office for the province as part of the strategy to reform the provincial administration.

    Human Resource Manager for Malaita province, Mr Richard Misi said just recently they completed a management workshop gearing towards review of the MPSI.

    He said the intention behind the review was so that it fits into the current face set of this age.

    Misi said there was a staff instruction document in place which was drawn out of the general order of the public service and there are weaknesses identified with the instruction that needs reviewing.

    “The idea behind that is for staffs under Malaita province, both direct and seconded staffs to have bible everyday to follow.

    “Because the latest edition of the staff instruction was done in 2007 and needs to be reviewed.

    “So as part of the roadmap we will review MPSI,” he said.

    He said areas to review under the MPSI covers the direct staff code of conducts, their movements, holiday leave, sick leave and others.

    Misi said the review will take certain stages of workshop including feasibility in substations and other provincial own institutions within the province.

    He said his team already visited some institutions this year and the remaining ones are scheduled for next year.

    Misi said the visit is purposely to obtain first hand data from those stationed there and see how the current MPSI affects them.

    “Because inside the MPSI it stated the cost for allowance, travelling and other within it that needs reviewing.

    “For example, the $50 touring allowance started within MPSI is no longer relevant at the moment, we need to get exact information and put it into the review of MPSI,” he said.

    Misi added that MPSI also holds the disciplinary measure of MPG, that if staffs breach the rules or regulations they will subjected to MPSI where particular clause to deal with the offence concerned.

    For instance, he said MPSI has the right to warn a particular staff three times if instructions are breached.

    He said they believe the review of this MPSI will help to strengthen the workforce of the province.

    Misi said they already launched a proposal on the review to the MPGIS, and the greenlight to carry out the programme next year was already given.