Malaita province prods beer outlets on business licence



LIQUOR outlet owners in Malaita province are being urged to pay their business licence.

The call follows observations that many beer outlets are popping up in the province with no mention of them in the province’s licence records.

Senior Revenue Officer from the Revenue Department under the provincial Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Mr John Houma said his office keeps an articulate record of businesses operating in the province.

“But if you go out in the province the number of those selling beer without licenses exceed those obtain license for the business.

“This is not legal and it also makes it not easy for those with proper licenses to do their market.

“Another this is the nature of the business involve lot things the society not really welcome.

“These include behaviours of people when under consumption of liquor and other related activity pertaining to it,” Houma said.

Houma reiterates that this call is for the benefit of the businesses – so that they can operate within the boundaries of the law.

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