It’s no longer about agriculture now


IT is no longer about agriculture now, they no longer run cattle or coconut plantations today.

This is according to Mr Benedict Garimane who is the Paramount Chief of Thimbo tribe in North Guadalcanal.

He expressed curiosity over how Levers reclaimed right over Lunga and Tenaru when its 75-year lease already expired during the 80s.

More to that, Mr Garimane said that during that time, land in those two areas were acquired for the purpose of accommodating agricultural activities like cattle farming and coconut plantations.

He added that when Levers’ lease expired, they should have consulted with original landowners more or return the land.

On the other hand, Garimane stressed that today Levers is not engaged in any agricultural activities in Lunga and Tenaru anymore.

“When they renewed the lease, they have engaged in different activities on the land. It is no longer about agriculture now. They no longer run cattle or coconut plantations, today they are selling land.

“So this is against the original idea of why they acquired the land which was purposely for agriculture.”

Garimane stated that this is something the Guadalcanal provincial office needs to look at.

“Guadalcanal provincial office is the government of the people of Guadalcanal and must provide a solution and explain to the people of North Guadalcanal how original landowners can reclaim the land or how people can equally share the land to avoid disputes and arguments amongst people of Guadalcanal,” he said.

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