Malaita PPC calls for unity despite political differences


PROVINCIAL Police Commander of Malaita, Superintendent Lesley Kili has called on Malaitans to embrace unity despite their political differences.

Kili made the call during a community policing awareness programme at Fulisango CHS in the highlands of Central Kwara’ae on Tuesday this week as politics intensifies in the province.

He said the joint elections is just around the corner and politics is the current topic of debate everywhere across the province.

The PPC however appealed to Malaitans to respect each other’s political differences and not to allow politics to cause division among themselves.

“As we are heading toward the national general election, I call on all Malaitans to embrace each other by according respect to both voters and candidates.

“Soon candidates will be visiting your communities, as some had already started to share their share their ideas with you on their intention to take up leadership.

“They will have differing ideas or some might have contradicting views to yours, but allow them share what they want to share,” he said.

Kili said Malaitans must have positive mindsets and approaches towards making these elections a peaceful hallmark event for the province.

He said police have very limited resources to ensure the safety of everyone and election processes for the province.

Kili said although RSIPF will step up their work during the election, they want support from public for a successful election for the province and the country.

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