Fake facebook account angers Premier Gina


THE Office of Western Provincial Premier has condemned a fake Facebook account which has the picture of the Premier and a popular businessman at Gizo.

The fake account is a member of the Gizo Forum Facebook page with the name Jimson Kokole. It has reportedly been tarnishing the reputation of the premier.

In a statement to this paper, the Office of the Premier condemned the action in the strongest form.

“The practice by some people making faked names gained no benefit from anyone. People using fake profile should never be accepted by social media face book,” the statement says.

It states that investigation to find the owner of the account is underway with further action expected to be made when the owner of the fake account is found.

The office of the premier is calling on social media users to stop using other people’s image as it amounts to defamation.

It encourages users to use their own image with real name and at the same time post discussion that would lure development so as bringing greater benefits to the province.

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