Malaita Government to look into petition



Malaita provincial government will this week discuss the petition against its hardline stand against China, which the petitioners believe is denying the province of ‘much-needed development’.

Deputy premier [currently supervising premier] Randol Sifoni told this paper yesterday that the petition is one of their top agendas in the ongoing Executive meeting being held in Auki.

This petition was presented to the Malaita government early last week by protesters staging a peaceful demonstration.

The protestors who were from wards two, three and four of the West Kwara’ae constituency believed that the Malaita government’s hardline anti-China stand was seeing the province miss out on development opportunities, such as the recent failed Fiu Bridge Upgrade project proposal.

Sifoni said the current Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement government is for the people of Malaita, and any matters of concern for the people will not go unheard.

The petition has nine points representing the protestors’ grievances.

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