Our voting attitude must change: Anisi

Political Party Commission Registrar Jasper Highwood Anisi
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Solomon Islanders must change their voting attitudes and vote on party policy lines.

Political Party Commission Registrar Jasper Highwood Anisi said people should vote on party policy lines to see tangible development in the constituencies.

He said it has been a practice that Solomon Islanders vote for individual candidates based on how the candidate provides for them.

But people must understand that parliament members are elected into parliament to make laws to set a greater good for the country and its peoples.

“Once we change the voting attitude and vote for what we want to see, for example, tangible development in our constituency, then we will see the difference.

“But once we vote independent candidates who go in and later jump into any party, that is an issue,” Mr Anisi said.

However, he said a lot of people in country don’t vote on party lines because parties don’t go out to them and preach their visions and what they want to do once they form a government.

He said parties too need to work hard in order to build their membership platform so that people vote their policies.

“Once we start vote on policy lines, then you will start see a change in our voting attitude.”

He said the commission will amend their Subvention grant to only be paid to people who contest under apolitical parties.

“We will put in place an amendment that if you contest under a party, you will entitle for subvention grant,” he said.

Subvention grant is a grant under PPIA that Political Party Commission will pay to a political party once it has candidates contesting under its banner.