Malaita embarks on 7 new projects for 2019

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    MALAITA Provincial government will implement seven new projects under the PCDF programme this year.

    Malaita’s finance minister Nelson Lenty explains that they have opted for only seven to enable them to complete the 25 incomplete projects from last year.

    Lenty said, “the projects come in various aspects of needs that will provide services to the people of Malaita province.”

    “Under the administration sector of the province there will be renovation including fencing to offices, upgrade of premier’s resident, six new staff houses, demolishing of a provincial office and purchasing a cabbage truck for the province.”

    Under works and transport sector; it has three projects and they are Sulufoloa, Rokotanikeni and Manawai market buildings.

    For education sector the province has 12 projects in schools (both primary and secondary) throughout the province.

    For water supply and sanitation programme there is a water tank and rain catchment project for Nanakinimae School and other schools’ sanitation.

    Lenty said under health sector, there are three projects which include an upgrade to Gounatolo RHC, completion of Pipisu RHC and Uru’uru rural clinic.

    He said for agriculture sector, there is a coconut crushing mill in Pelau, another at Marapona and at Orotah Tabeu.

    Lenty said under women, youth and sport programme there is an upgrade planned for Mata football stadium.

    He said other projects expected include the undersea submarine cable, World Bank tar sealing of Bina and Dala roads, Afio hospital, Afio water supply, Solomon Power solar farm and UN Market for change refurbishment of Auki Market.