If your are to serve my entire province, work with me: Suidani



PREMIER of Malaita Province has urged development partners especially NGOs that his government will only work with them if they are committed to serve the province.

Daniel Suidani said this in response to questions on the floor of assembly regarding how his government will combat unfair distribution of services which some NGOs have been complaining about.

He said the issue is true and people in the province continue to experience it.

Suidani assures that his government has captured this in its policies and are prepared to push for it with Malaita’s development partners.

“By doing that all NGOs to operate in the province, they must come through the provincial government and tell us their visions, mission and objectives to work here.

“Because our policy advocates that any NGOs to work in the province, they must agree to work in the five regions of Malaita province.

“It continue to experience that NGOs operating in the province only centered their work in the Central region of the province where infrastructure is available,” he said.

He said his government advocates for equal distribution of service and NGOs or other development partners must understand that as they come to the province, they are here to serve the five regions of the province.

“Another area my government will stand up against is to encourage boomerang funding on development projects in the province.

“If you want to serve my people, serve them with all you have and intended to do for them, and nothing you will return.

“The province has lot of technical people to perform any work needed under your project and not to bring your labours here to return the resources,” Suidani said.

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