Malaita 2nd appointed day venue questioned



CONCERNED members of public in Auki, capital of Malaita province, are questioning the decision by the province’s government to hold this year’s second appointed day celebrations in Afio station, Small Malaita.

They say they prefer the event be held in Auki so that they may get to hear what the challenges and achievements of their provincial government are.

“We appeal to the Malaita province government that the people in Malaita province especially in Auki also want to witness the final celebration with the malaita provincial government members because of their final term in office where the public need to know their achievements and what they will be living behind for the next leadership of the next new government that will be elected.”

They further that celebrating the event in Afio means that only the few in Afio station will get to hear what the provincial leaders have to say.

“Auki where the provincial capital town was located is right in the centre of malaita province where people from south, East, North and the central part of the island will have access to Auki by trucks and boats.

“We want to farewell our great leaders in the Malaita provincial government, the executive and all our ward members for what they have achieved for the past four years.”

It is understood that this is the second time the event will be held in a station in the province. The rest of the time it has been held in Auki. In 2014, it was hosted in Maluu, north Malaita. This was during Premier Edwin Suibaea’s tenure.

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