THE Provincial Police Commander (PPC) has slammed an article in the Solomon Star newspaper linking him to claims of sharing explicit photos to his subordinates.

In denouncing the article, he said that at no time in his life did he took such photos whatsoever and sent them to his subordinate officers as purported to in the article.  

In an exclusive interview with Island Sun, the PPC Lesly Kili condemned the article to be wholly false and holds no truth about him.  

“The article written by Alfred Sasako is a personal direct attack on me as Police Commander; I totally denied the content of the article.

“Not at any time in my life have I shown explicit photos to my officers. I want to clarify this publicly, because the article really tarnishes my reputation.

“I also would like to assure the public of Solomon Islands that the article written by Sasako has no ground, proof and evidence,” he retorted.

The PPC said a team from PSSI is following up on the allegation/report and enquiries are still going on.

Thus, he said as per the investigation those that are responsible for the allegation had been identified.

The PPC said six subordinate female officers were questioned and admitted their involvement with the support of somebody within the force to compose the allegations.

“I knew these individual officers and one of them had texted me apologizing for what had happened also admitted all about the move.

“I want to make it clear to the public that I will not tolerate such behavior within the force and I must ensure these officers are removed from my team,” he said.

The PPC also said that despite the upheaval there is teamwork within his team and there’s no division as allegations mentioned in the article.

He said he is ready to prove his innocence on the allegations and warned of serious consequences for those who are behind the accusations.

The PPC also assured that as long as the allegation is clear from him, he will take the matter to court.

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