Mala executive questions new ship service to Auki

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AN executive member of the Malaita Provincial Government has questioned the services of the new MV Express Pelican to Auki on Malaita Province.

The Provincial Member, Felix Bosokuru raised the question as the MARA executive claimed it is yet to receive an application from the company and grant approval for the ship to provide shipping services to the province.

 “Why did the ship start to travel to Auki without the executive attention and who granted the company approval,” he said.

Another executive member, Dickson Pola also confirmed the executive is yet to receive submissions of application from the company for the new ship.

“No submission from that ship has come across our executive committee, we are surprised the ship is starting making its first trip” he said.

Pola suggests that there is a need for the executive to deliberate on the matter as an executive meeting is underway in Auki.

Island Sun also learned from other executive members yesterday that the company has a valid shipping license with the province and the new boat might be operating under the license.

 However, they said the executive will deliberate and look at how to deal with the matter.

The executive members said the company which owned the Express pelican has a valid license with the province which will lapse next year.

They added that indigenous Malaitans are operating similar shipping services, hence they will be reviewing companies that have shipping licenses with the province from next year.