Brisbane court confirms letter of appreciation from Sogavare.

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BRISBANE Magistrate Court in Australia has confirmed that Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has written an “appreciation” letter to two parties and not a character reference letter.

Dion Kingi Paul, who pleaded guilty for looting wheels during flooding in Queensland, Australia, early this year is one of the two parties.

This came after Special Secretary to Prime Minister Albert Kabui said they are not aware of that person.

He added the PM has not drafted any letter and that he himself has not seen that letter.

“We are looking at legal options to address this issue,” Kabui said.

However, an email from Brisbane Magistrates Court I Magistrates Courts Service in the Department of Justice and Attorney-General to Island Sun yesterday that the letter in question is NOT a character reference and is a letter of appreciation and as stated above is addressed to 2 parties, 1 being the above named (Paul).

It was revealed following Sun’s investigation that Paul owns two retail shops in Solomon Islands.