Philip: 90% of my constituents support parliament extension.

MP for South New Georgia, Rendova and Tetepare, Danny Philip
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MEMBER of Parliament for South New Georgia, Rendova and Tetepare says 90 percent of his constituency support the proposal to extend the life of parliament.

Speaking during the opening of Lokuru Diversity Fair on Wednesday, Danny Phillip said he has consulted his constituency during his visit.

He told those present that there are substantial reasons as to why the government cooked up the proposal.

“Our government has been trying to explain to people the importance of the extension of parliament.

“I myself came down to my people and seek their view and from what was heard, 90 percent of my people supports the proposal,” Phillip said.

Island sun understands that the proposal is yet to be tabled in parliament.

The DCGA is proposing a one-off deferment to the coming national general elections 2023 to 2024.

And, DCGA members of parliament are tasked to hold consultations with their constituents on the matter.

Some DCGA MPs have carried out theirs, Mr Philip is currently doing his.

Government Communications has reported positive feedbacks from the constituency visits by the DCGA MPs reflecting overwhelming support by constituents to the proposal.