Mala-Covid vaccine rumour worries authorities

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MALAITA Provincial Health Authority is following-up on a rumor that some people are going around in the province advocating against the upcoming covid-19 vaccination program for the province.

The provincial health is aware of the rumor and they are ensuring those behind it must be identified and held accountable for their actions.

Team leader of the provincial covid-19 vaccination roll-out program, Rockson Siliota told Sun Auki they are trying their very best to address the rumor as people continue to receive it.

“At this moment we do not know the reasons behind the rumor, whether it be political or whatsoever, but people need to understand that the program is life-saving, as life matters.

“And this is our fear, for if the rumor continues it will affect the roll-out of the vaccination program for the province.

“Thus, our call is for communities across the province not to take heed of any forged information circulating about the vaccination program as it only tries to stop you from this life-saving program,” he said.

Siliota warned that the pandemic had claimed and continues to claim millions of lives around the world and seriously it’s not just a hoax that people must understand.

He stressed that there’s no other way except only through vaccination that will give people a second chance of life in the fight against this pandemic.

And this is the core reason for the campaign.

Siliota stressed that this is a serious matter and those who are spreading the rumor must stop.

He said the provincial health through its health promotion team will soon reach out in an awareness program to communities in the province to iron-out doubts on the vaccination program.

Siliota also said during the awareness program; the team will provide detailed information on the program and it will be an opportunity for people to learn.

He said the team will be working together with responsible community stakeholders to mitigate the rumor and carry out the awareness program ahead of the vaccination roll-out for the province.