Makira registration runs smooth as end draws near


Makira Ulawa DPS & Registration Manager, Mr Wilson Billy Rafiau(L), East Makira Constituency Registration Officer Mr Desmond Kala (C) and Ulawa Ugi Constituency Assistant Registration Officer Mr Chimochi Taki(R) analyze data at the

VOTERS’ registration phase for all four constituencies in Makira Ulawa province has progressed smoothly as the end draws near, it is reported.

This was revealed to this paper by the Provincial registration manager and Deputy Provincial Secretary for Makira Ulawa province Wilson Billy Rafiau

Rafiau told this paper the current work undertaken by all registration officers for each constituency in the province have been good in which he believes the registration phase has been running smooth since its inception on September 3.

“So far the registration process is running smoothly and the indication that a lot of people have been turning up to register indicates that the public are taking part in the registration process for all constituencies in Makira Ulawa province,” he said.

Rafiau said that a huge turnout of voters have managed to register in all constituencies so they can be eligible to vote in next year’s national general election.

He said that this mass outpour of people from all localities within the province to register included new voters who have turned 18 since September 3, 2018 and transfer voters from other constituencies elsewhere in the provinces because of work or only reasons known to them.

Rafiau said Central Makira Constituency has been the major recipient of these transfer voters because a lot of people from other parts of the Solomon Islands are now working in Kirakira.

He then furthers by acknowledging the effort taken by his registration officers, assistant registration officers and other officers who have went over from Honiara and elsewhere to contribute towards the success of the registration process for Makira Ulawa province.

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