Baegu Asifola reports smooth registration exercise



Usuusue VRC centre in Baegu Asifola.

BAEGU Asifola Constituency (BAC) in North East Malaita is one of the constituencies that is currently experiencing smooth registration exercise during this current registration process.

According to Registration Officer (RO) of Baegu Asifola Francis Samosari, the current registration exercise in Baegu Asifola constituency itself is very peaceful and successful.

“Compared to the past registration exercises people involved in brawls and arguments and damage registration kits in the voters registration centres (VRC).

“Even ROs fail to do monitoring and not even present in the VRC centres but involved in other activities outside of his responsibility.

“But the people of Baegu Asifola have appreciated our team for being reliable during this registration process where it was so peaceful and conducted nicely for people.

“The people know what to do and where to go because of proper informations have been given to with clear explanation.

“That’s what most BAC people wants by having a very peaceful and successful registration including polling day.”

Meanwhile, voters in Baegu Asifola speaking to the paper say they appreciate the awareness programmes which were carried out before the registration exercise, which has made them fully aware of what to do and what to expect.

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