Mainstream Media and social media reminded to report responsibly


SPECIAL Secretary to the Prime Minister Albert Kabui has reminded the mainstream media and social media to be responsible in their reporting during the preparedness to prevent the coronavirus entering the country.

He made the comments during the talk back show at SIBC on Sunday 19th April saying that whatever media report to the public must be balanced and not making reports that can cause fear and unnecessary disturbances to the community.

He said during such situation people and the government must work together in that way whatever situations can be managed.

Kabui said while the media and the public have the right to freedom of expressions, rights always comes with responsibility.

“And that goes to the social media users exercise our rights with responsibility”, Mr Kabui said.

Previously the same sentiment has been shared by the Acting Commissioner Mostyn Mangau warning people to avoid spreading rumours of coronavirus because it causes fear and panic to the community.

He also said police is monitoring any posts or comments made by individual on social media or by word of mouth regarding coronavirus because it will cause fear among the communities of this country.

He also said people who loved telling stories to others must also be careful not to spread false information because once reported to the police that you are spreading rumours you will be certainly arrested.

People must always get facts and listen to Health authorities for right information about COVID-19, Mangau said.

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