Bougainvilleans arrested for entry at the Border

Attorney General John Muria Jnr
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ATTORNEY General John Muria Jnr has revealed during the talk back show on Sunday 19th April at the SIBC that two Bougainvillean were arrested at the Border last week.

Mr Muria said the two were arrested and being dealt with by Police who are currently stationed at the Border.

“They are being dealt with as we speak”, Mr Muria said on Sunday 19th April.

He explained during the talk back show that since there is of high risk at the Border the Government under the Emergency Powers COVID-19 2020 has imposed an order to restrict the movement of small craft vessels between the Solomon Islands and the Papua New Guinea Border which has now been declared as a second emergency zone in addition to Honiara.

Mr Muria reiterates that that penalty is much harsher due to the seriousness of the virus Coronavirus and anyone found will be penalized for a million or 20 years imprisonment or both penalties will be imposed on people found crossing the border.

He confirmed that the RSIPF officers and one Patrol Boat are currently stationed at the Western Border to monitor the movements and manned the border.

Meanwhile Special Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr Jimmy Rodgers said since there was a slight increase of cases in Papua New Guinea the oversight committee is looking at stepping up the normal measures and there will be joint taskforce manning the border assisting the RSIPF.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in his fifth national address last Friday said the restriction of all movement including small craft vessels, across the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea Border which will remain effective until this Order is revoked or the State of Emergency is rescinded.

“Let us be reminded that a state of public emergency still exists in the country and due to the escalating situation in our neighboring countries, border measures will be tightened and government agencies are assessing and monitoring the situation at our eastern border while preparing to deploy police and border personnel as and when required.

“I encourage our people on western border with Papua New Guinea to please respect and abide by this Order. This Order is made to protect ourselves and country from COVIS-19. Our western border cannot be protected if we rely on the police alone. Our good people from the Shortland Islands must also work together with our police”, Prime Minister Sogavare said.