Maepio in Indonesia for ship


WESTERN Province Premier Wayne Maepio has left for Indonesia in search of a ship for the province.

He is accompanied by his minister of finance Lester Huckle Saomasi, western province Maritime officer of SIMSA Gizo Wheatly Douglas and Mr Boroka.

A person familiar with the issue said the aim of the Western provincial government is to boost economic activities for the people in the rural areas.

“They will parch a vessel mainly for the surrounding Islands who didn’t access to services twice in a month.

“Most rural communities around the province were find difficulties in terms of shipping services. Therefore the provincial government decides to peaches a ship that will travel from Island to Island.

“Those Islands are Vella la Vella, Simbo, Ranonga, Kolombangara, Vonavona and Roviana Lagoon, Rendova and Marovo Lagoon.”

He said the shipping service will transport all the services straight to Noro rather than transport cocoa and copra to Honiara for export.

The team is expected to arrive back next month.

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