Alien rodents in Vietnamese boats raises fear at Hakama


Two of the Vietnamese blue boats anchored off Pt Cruz, next to the RSIPF Maritime port, two weeks ago. ISUN File photo

THE presence of one of the Vietnamese blue boats at the Hakama Agriculture station, in Ngella Mboli passage, is causing concerns for people in the area.

It is reported that onboard, a foreign rodent species has been sighted, raising concerns over what threat it might pose on the environment there.

Operations Manager for Tulaghi Police Station confirms the reports, saying the rat species is believed to be from Asia and had accompanied the boat here.

“We have already visited the boat along with government members of the province after concerns were raised by locals on which we have witnessed that there is surely a need for it to be removed.”

The three Vietnamese blue boats had earlier this year made headlines after their crew and captains were arrested for poaching in Solomon waters.

The court had decided that they be destroyed in June this year. A bid was tendered out and the winner had proposed to have them destroyed in Langlanga, Malaita province.

One of the reasons for the destruction of the boats was quarantine and insecurity.

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