Maeoli says Restocin helped him recovered


FORMER Honiara City Council Mayor, Israel Maeoli has testified that Restocin helped him recovered from the deadly coronavirus.

Restocin is an anti-cold drug in tablet form. It has been in use since 1917 to treat common colds. Restocin is a combination drug which contains paracetamol (500mg), chlorphenamine (anti-histamine) (2mg), caffeine (30mg) and phenylephrine (5mg).

Maeoli was a victim of the virus after he tested positive following a test at National Referral Hospital.

He was referred to the Multipurpose Hall Central Field Hospital for admission.

His cousin brother, Allan Siau, who is a close friend of trained medical doctor, Reginald Aipia heard about it and visited him at the Central Field Hospital.

Siau gave him the first dose of restocin upon advice from Dr Aipia.

Maeoli said the first dose helped him recover quickly from the sick bed.

“I developed short-wind at the Field Hospital so the doctors injected me.

“However, the restocin tablets I took really helped me to recover quickly,” Maeoli testified.

He encouraged public who are suffering from covid-19 to get restocin because it is very helpful.

“I already discharged from the Field hospital 1 and half week ago,” he added.

Another former HCC Mayor, Wilson Maemae was also the victim of the virus but got recovered after he took restocin.

Maemae told Solomon Star recently that he was introduced to the drug by someone.

“I was not convinced at first but then the history of Restocin convinced me. The drug was first introduced in Germany in 1917 after the First World War. It was intended to treat men who were exposed to a variety of chemicals used during the War. Restocin was also very effective against influenza-like flu and cold brought on by the wintry condition in Europe at the time, It was just a perfect drug,” he said.

“And for me and my wife, Restocin was all we needed. We were up the next day after taking the treatment. It’s a wonder drug. Now almost everyone who works for the Honiara City Council moves around with Restocin in their pockets,” Cr. Mamae said.

The news of his rapid recovery soon swept through the Council Chamber in the same way the corona virus has ravaged the country.

On Thursday 17th February, the Council Executive met and unanimously passed the resolution, authorizing the Head of the Health Division to buy and stock all Honiara City Council clinics with Restocin.

The coronavirus is a common cold, which can be effectively treated with an early intervention of three courses of Restocin over three days or five days at the longest period of treatment.

Dr. Aipia, a doctor of medicine said the reason so many people have died in Honiara is because the common cold had been allowed to develop into pneumonia.

“The National Referral Hospital should be clear of any covid patients within a week if we apply this simple yet very effective drug.

In Ontong Java some 2, 000 people were affected at the beginning of the outbreak but now they are leading a normal life and are enjoying bechedemer harvesting every day.”

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