Croc attack, one life lost

A crocodile attack has claimed the life of a person in the Western province.
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A crocodile attack has claimed another life yesterday at Simbilado village, North Vella, Western Province.

In an interview with Island Sun Gizo, Patrick Vilaka from Simbilado village said the deceased, in his 20s, went out on a diving trip when he was attacked by crocodile.

He said the community sent out a search party after noticing the deceased had failed to return home yesterday morning.

“Around 11pm last night (Monday night) the deceased went out diving for fish and was not able to make it back home.

“It was in the morning that few members of the community realised that the deceased was missing.

“Young men and elder of the community then set off to look for the deceased. They were able to locate the deceased canoe with few fish inside. Another group of boys dived and search the area and found the deceased spear.

“It was the sign on the deceased spear that the search party suspected that it was a crocodile attack,” Vilaka said.

He said the body of the deceased was retrieved when a group of men spooked a huge crocodile floating not far from where the deceased was diving.

“Our men were skeptical when they saw the crocodile, but when they shot the croc with their spears, the croc left leaving the deceased’s body behind and the men retrieve his body,” Vilaka explained.

He said the angry villagers have speared the croc but it dived underwater.

Vilaka said the villagers are still hunting the killer croc.

He said the deceased left behind his wife and two daughters.

Vilaka said chiefs and elders of Simbilado village have warned community members to take extra precaution when diving within the area.