Maelanga highlights policy of MID

Minister for Infrastructure Development Manasseh Maelanga.
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MINISTER of Infrastructure Development, Manasseh Maelanga has highlighted his ministry’s plan to improve roads and feeder roads throughout the country.

Speaking in Parliament on the debate on the Speech of the throne delivered by Governor General recently, Maelanga said his ministry is committed to improve the roads and feeder roads throughout the country and develop improved seaports, facilities and ensure safety and convenience for their travelling public.

He said his Ministry is committed to support development programmes and this include the ongoing support towards the planning and development over their National Referral Hospital.

Further to that, Maelanga said to ensure their land is secure to develop their new township, urban amenities and utilities.

This also to review provisions, to establish relevant authorities to govern and manage infrastructure developments

Maelanga said he just appointed a Traffic Act Board so they can look on everything that happens on traffic in Honiara City.

Some of the important areas the Ministry is taking too are:

  1. Review provisions of domestic shipping services;
  2. serving uneconomic routes in the country;
  3. established relevant authorities to govern and manage infrastructure developments;
  4. support the transport sector;
  5. provide regular shipping services to all areas in the country;
  6. develop and maintain infrastructures aide, include safety, accessibility to resources for development;
  7. implement a New Maritime Act 2018, and
  8. ensuring the country is effectively participating in national organisations and conventions.