Fugui urges Education Minister to push the 4th USP Campus


MP for Central Honiara, John Moffat Fugui.

MEMBER of Parliament for Central Honiara, John Moffat Fugui urges the Minister of Education and Human Resources, John Dean Kuku to push the University of South Pacific 4th Campus in Honiara.

This came after construction of the university is still to start after the ground breaking ceremony in 2017.

Fugui, also the former Minister of Education, said the government must continue with the 4th campus.

“If we were on our previous timeline, in March 2018, they started digging the ground.

“In October this year, the 4th Campus should complete now,” he said.

As such, Fugui asked the minister to push it abit unless it is a policy change,

“It is an important institution that we want to supplement University of South Pacific for training for our students,” he said.

According to Radio New Zealand, the 4th campus was made possible with a loan of $US15.4 million from the Asian Development Bank.

The new campus would have enhanced ICT-based education with upgraded ICT equipment.

Some key features of the new building include facilities, such as a fully digitised library.

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