Luaniua school pleads for sanitation facilities


The current status of Luaniua ECE classroom.

LUANIUA School both primary and secondary division are pleading for authorities to have their sanitation facilities replaced.

During a visit by Island Sun to the atolls, the primary school head teacher was interviewed in which he revealed the dire state of their sanitation facilities, which are in immediate need of repair or replacement.

Luke Kikonga in making this call, explains that this problem has been the school’s since it was established, and had never been addressed to this day.

This is for both the primary and secondary streams.

Kikonga urges responsible authorities and Lord Howe’s leaders to see the importance of this matter and address it as soon as possible.

“Therefore I call on responsible authorities to seriously consider this matter and help us teachers and students addressing it,” he said.

Kikonga said that one reason why students miss classes is because they have to return home or go elsewhere when nature calls, and this often leads to the student being absent for the rest of the day.

Adding on to this dilemma, Kikonga says the school has two water tanks which are not even properly installed.

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