Taiwan promises permanent residency for SI locals

By Mike Puia

ROC’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs José María Liu

THE Republic of China (ROC) is eager to hold on to locals living in Taiwan.

ROC’s government is planning to issue permanent residence permit to locals living and studying in Taiwan to enable them to work there.

ROC’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs José María Liu conveyed to Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela this plan which is mainly for students.

The plan is that when local students graduate, they can go on and find work in Taiwan since they have permanent residence status.

Prime Minister Houenipwela told local media that this is welcoming news.

He said they will speed-up work on the free visa agreement with ROC so that locals enter ROC without visa.

Prime Minister Houenipwela told a press conference in Honiara yesterday that having locals working in Taiwan is good for country as our economy do not provide jobs for locals who graduated.

He said if local students wanted to work there, they can do.

Based on Prime Minister Houenipwela’s discussion with Minister Liu, Taiwan companies will look out for local students who are trained in any field related to its work and get them to do internship.

If the student chose to work, he or she can proceed and work since he or she has a permanent residence permit.

Prime Minister Houenipwela said ROC is keen to start the internship programme this year.

He said this means current students in Taiwan can work this year if they chose to do internship.

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