Luaniua community without health centre for 2 years


Luaniua incomplete health centre.

LUANIUA one of the main villages in Lord Howe has been without a health centre for almost two years, it is reported.

This has been one of the reasons for the many deaths which have occurred during that period.

In an exclusive interview with a former chairman of Luaniua’s health committee, David Kepangi, he said the lack of a health centre was caused by funds being misused by their leaders.

Kepangi said throughout the past two years, they have had to rely on whatever little help they could get from neighbouring Pelau.

But, even this help from their sister community is not sufficient to meet the health and medical demands for the whole of Luaniua.

Kepangi adds that to this day, this problem remains unsolved by their leaders.

“Hence I hereby call on the responsible authorities, the Malaita provincial government health centre and our leaders to consider the importance of health services for our case as rural and remote settlers and provide us with proper health centre with medical drugs and facilities, real doctors and qualified health workers.

“As this lack of healthcare access is so bad in our community that people die from simple disease that can be cured with ordinary pills,” said Kepangi.

He asks how much longer will the people of Luaniua have to wait to have a proper health centre established in their community.

It is understood that Luaniua community is being serviced by an incomplete health centre which was constructed two years ago.

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