Look after the facility: Wale



Deputy Director of Fishery (offshore), Mr Francis Tofuakalo (right) handing over the key of the fishery centre to the MP for Aoke Langa Langa, Hon Matthew Wale as he then hand it to the chairman of ABFA who will manage the CFC.

MP for Aoke Langa Langa, Matthew Wale has called on the Aoke Bay fishermen Association to manage the newly delivered constituency fisheries centre (CFC) with responsibility.

Wale made the statement during the official handing over of the facility yesterday in Auki, urging his people to look after the facility.

He made mention on some scenarios experienced in the past that ownership and responsibility were some of the areas which often led to bankruptcy of many government projects.

“It is not like that as you own the facility and the duty now is yours for the sustainability of the facility and service it will provides.”

“You must clear that this fishery centre never belongs to me, the government or who will come after me. It belongs to you and the people of Aoke Langa Langa.

“You must show to this facility great care and passion to continue provide service for our people,” he said.

On the same note, Wale also called on the MFMR for continuous assistance for the CFC and fishermen and women in the constituency.

He said his people of Aoke Langa Langa are known for fishing and there are other technicalities they need to venture out with the business as they aspire with the CFC.

Hon Wale thanked the government through the MFRM, Aoke Bay Fishermen Association, and other stakeholders contributed to the establishment of CFC for the people of Aoke Langa Langa Constituency.

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