Fishery facility for Aoke Langa Langa



PEOPLE of Aoke Langa Langa Constituency yesterday witnessed the handing over of a newly built fisheries facility to the constituency.

The Constituency Fishery Centre (CFC) was delivered to the people by staffs from MFMR on behalf of the national government.

Deputy Director Fishery (offshore) under MFMR, Mr Francis Tofuakalo said the project came along with other 20 CFC projects the ministry through the government prioritised for people in rural areas.

He said the primary idea behind this initiative is to “enhance livelihood support to rural fishing communities” as what will expect from the facility.

Tofuakalo said everyone knew from the past that fishery project for rural areas was not a new initiative as the country once dwelled on that over the past years.

He said fishery projects established in number of areas in the country in the past, but then went bankrupt due to some extents.

However, Tofuakalo said learning from past experienced on the projects, MFMR in 2016 came with the initiative of CFC for rural areas and start advocating for it.

The newly establish Constituency Fishery Centre that is handed over to the people of Aoke Langa Langa on Tuesday in Auki.

He explained that under the CFC initiative, ministry through the national government to facilitate the resource and deliver to the people to take ownership of it.

Tofuakalo said this is the difference from what experienced in the past where ownership lies on more than two parties, which gave them confusion on who is responsible for what on the projects.

He said now that the government delivered the project you; it will no longer manage by the government as the responsibility now on the association representing the constituents to administer the project.

Tofuakalo stressed that as the facility will now under your responsibility, sustainability of the project is very important to ensure it continue to provide service for the people.

He said MFMR will also continue to assist in areas of need for the good of the fishery centre for the people of Aoke Langa Langa constituency.

Today the team from MFMR will go to Malu’u for a similar handing over programme of another CFC at Malu’u in North Malata.

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