Littering ordinance enforced on August 1


HONIARA City Council (HCC) and Friends of the City (FOTC) have collaborated to enforce the 2009 Littering Ordinance next week, on August 1.

This is a step forward for the current anti-litter campaign.

The HCC’s Environment Division has partnered with the Friends of the City (FOTC) whole of this week to conduct awareness campaign.

HCC strongly advises l public and shops within Honiara that its Littering Ordinance will be enforced.

This week’s awareness aims to educate people and shops about the 2009 Litter Ordinance before it will be in enforced next week by HCC’s Environment Division and FOTC.

The awareness was held at five spots in the city; HCC Headquarter, Central Market, Hot Bread Roundabout, City Centre and Town Ground Roundabout.

Officiating the street awareness are young people from the Youth@Work programme and members of the FOTC with support from the HCC Law Enforcement.

HCC’s Chief Health Inspector, George Titiulu said they will enforce the litter ordinance starting next week with help from their Law Enforcement, FOTC and Youth@Work.

Whole of this week, Mr Titiulu said Environment Division and FOTC will preach to public and shops about stop littering within the city awareness basically letting city dwellers informed that the 2009 Litter Ordinance will effective next week.

Titiulu explained there are two types of littering under the ordinance known as minor and major littering.

He said minor littering is when one throws a cigarette butt, small plastic or tin can; major littering refers to rubbish bins and other rubbish capacity that is off the limit for the drum to hold.

Titiulu said fines are $10,000 for major littering and $1000 for minor littering.

Leader for the Friends of the City Judah Suimae said on five selected locations there will be a ‘No Littering Zone’ as of August 1, 2018.

He urges everyone to be role models by taking responsibilities to stop littering and throw rubbish at the right place.

“This is not an easy task but if we can united for a clean city, then it’s possible,” Suimae said.

“We are already mindful of its sustainability, however we need to spark and start something someway.”

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